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"Weird Al" Deserves A Star
On Hollywood's Walk Of Fame

It all started with one fan. Dave "Elvis" Rossi wrote a note on the forums at WOWAY.

"While I was in the L.A. area earlier this week and I stopped by the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to check out some of the stars. It was absolutely so cool to walk along and read all the names of the great movie stars and tv stars and musicians, etc. Anyone who's been there can attest to this.

As I was reading some names, I got to thinking Al should have a star. He surely has made as much as an impact as some of the names I read. I mean, even the Rugrats have a star!!

So, now I've done some research and I believe we can get Al that star that he rightfully deserves.

Al easily meets all the qualifications (5 years longevity, contribution to society, etc.) so I feel if we nominate him, he'll be accepted. I can't imagine Al refusing to find time in his busy schedule to accept the star, so the only significant obstacle is raising $15,000 for the star."

And a campaign was started!

At this point, the project is in its infancy. We are still waiting for confirmation from Al or his manager Jay Levey. That is required before we can proceed, and funds will not be collected until we have that.

Until then, what can you do to help?

  • Join the Weird Al Star group and help us brainstorm and organize.
  • If you have a webpage, please put up a banner, you can get one here.
  • Talk to any "Weird Al" fans you know, both online and IRL.

Contact me.