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January 29, 2003

Bermuda finally picked one of my
sketches for Weirdal.com!

Fan Art #215

Welcome to my Fan "Art" page.
It is my small attempt to pay tribute to

A truly gifted Singer, Songwriter, Musician
and all around good-egg.

Oh yeah,
He's pretty funny too!

Thanks to Alsongs.com
for permission to use the incredible picture
above that I made this background from.
If you haven't been to their Al page you are missing
out on one of the greatest Weird Al information
sites on the Web. And the pictures they
have are among the best I have seen.

On to the Gallery

Weird Al Wallpapers for your computer.
The Boys In The Band
Weird Al Texts I have made.
Weird Al Websets for you to use!

Webpage made with Netscape 6, PSP7 and Super Bladepro, and permission from Alsongs.com